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Here are a few examples of the wonderful guides I have had along the way

With Fiona our guide in Venice we didn’t get lost nearly as much as when we were on our own.She was extremely knowledgeable about the area and was able to get us admission to see the world famous La Fenice Opera House there. She also told us about the last time that building was on fire. That building has quite a storied past!



Whale and wildlife watching with Capt Floyd in Icy Strait Point Alaska. What a great experience!Not only did he find the wildlife, but with his underwater microphone we heard the whales before we even saw them.




Brian and Greg my guides for the ziplining course in Ketchikan Alaska. I don’t think I could have done it with 20 other people at the same time. When I had these 2 great guides at either end of the zipline, who wouldn’t just step off into thin air?



Haines Alaska is not a stop on most Alaska cruises, but I was fortunate enough to visit there on my most recent trip in May.  Here I am with Lee Heinmiller who is Director of Alaska Indian Arts, Inc looking at the process of making a 35 ft custom ordered totem pole.  I learned that it runs about $2000.00 per square foot to make one of these.



Our Belfast guide Susie Milar at the Titanic Memorial and at Titanic’s dry dock facility.   Her great grandfather helped to build the Titanic and lost his life on it.  She has a great knowledge of the Titanic history, but she was a BBC reporter covering the unrest in Belfast for many years and has fascinating stories to share about that as well.


Exploring the Scottish Highlands with our guide Tim.  Not only was he a great guide, but he also is an actual lamb farmer.   It was great fun to see the baby lambs and learn about what it is like to operate that business.  He also helped us search for my husband’s ancestors in a local church graveyard.






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